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The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture


Spring 2019

Memory Practice - ARC 520G Intermediate Design Studio IV

This studio explored the consequences of personal and cultural memory in architectural production. All the varieties of inhabitation and its experience are touched by memory; whether projecting a remembered past on an idealized future, enlisting historic fabric to legitimize new construction or simply a preferring the familiar over the strange. Memory practice: the act of interpreting and using history, nostalgia, ideas of utopia, mythology and futurism; is present in all architecture we think and make - intentional or not. Below are samples of student work from the three main assignments.

1 ) precedent:  extraction, combination

parti analysis models

extraction/combination drawings

2 ) design: memory shelter

3) design: residential treatment center

Klinger - Model.jpg
Shepard - Board - Edit.jpg
Grayson - Model.JPG

work by: Grayson Shepard, Aubrey Klinger, Jessica Chen, Jessica Go, Zein Tao, Allie Alford, Michael Azterbaum, Danielle Eke, Diego Lopez

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