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Winter Rendering Web.jpg

Vondelpark Pavilion, Amsterdam, Netherlands   2019

In collaboration with David Heymann and Jacob Dasuta

This competition for a multi-use pavilion in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark is a surface for renewed activities. At the start of every spring a tower crane is assembled on the eastern edge of the park and processes along rails either side of the Noordelijke Hoofdweg, the long, straight bike path on the park’s northeast edge.

The crane then lifts the pavilion from a pond at the center of the Vondelpark, where it rests on piles. Once connected to shore by a simple floating bridge, the pavilion is washed, and 106 mismatched, free-standing chairs are set down on it. Each is a ceremonial present from one of Amsterdam’s neighborhoods.

During the day conversations that were digitally maintained in winter are restarted in person. At sunset, the chairs are set to the side and dancing commences. Music for dancing, queued by visitors via phone, is broadcast from a hanging speaker. A small fire is set for colder days and evening light.

At the end of spring, the pavilion is lowered back into the water. During summer, fall, and winter it lies visible just below the water's surface.

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